EPA’s WasteWise Program is a free, voluntary program through which organizations can eliminate waste in order to benefit their bottom line and the environment. MX Factor has been a partner of the WasteWise program since 2003. In 2004, MX Factor was recognized by the WasteWise program for successfully using “…new technologies in order to reduce aerosol can abuse and also curtail[ing] the generation of hazardous waste associated with parts washers.” MX Factor is both a Partner and an Endorser of the WasteWise program.

As a partner, MX Factor reports on a regular basis to the EPA the total amount of waste eliminated as a direct result from those who participate in our Industrial Canister Exchange System. These reports only serve as a summary for the program, and do not specifically mention any of our customers, unless they wish to be recognized.

As an Endorser, MX Factor will endorse organizations who wish to be recognized for their achievements in reducing environmental waste. This endorsement will allow the organization to become a Partner in the WasteWise program.