What are people saying about MX Factor and the Canister Exchange System?


"In our economic downfall, MX Factor as a vendor saves us a lot of money month to month. We also get to save the environment by cutting our use of aerosol cans. The system is very easy to use. It is also very convenient to have a monthly service to make sure we never run out of product."

Service Manager - Honda Dealership


"You guys are top-notch! Always on top of things! We save money on our recycling and I don't have to worry about anything - it's true service. You guys are great!"

Sam - Toyota Dealership


"Since switching to MX Factor, we've cut our costs 20%. Your dependable service is greatly appreciated - the techs love it."

George Keith, Service Manager - Chino Hills Ford


"Bender US uses the MX Factor cleaning solvent and in October AQMD came in for an unannounced visit and when they found out we use cleaning solvents they were very concerned. Upon finding the container from MX Factor the AQMD representative was pleasantly surprised in finding that we are using this product and this made the entire process much less stressful. We recommend to everyone that cleans parts to use this product. AQMD is coming down hard on solvents and this product will keep you in compliance."

Bruce Perry, General Manager - Bender US


"This service provides everything I need for my techs: a compliant product, that is cost effective with no concerns about improper disposal. This is a "must have" for our store."

JJ Barrios, Parts & Service Director - Honda World Downey


"Everything and everyone is always so professional and easy to deal with at MX Factor. I appreciate your focus on the environment and recycling, as well as prompt response time. Thank you for providing this much-needed service."

Service Director - Cerritos


"As a Service Manager in the automotive industry, I've had great pleasure in working with Stephanie Condeluci. I have come to know and greatly respect Stephanie for both her personal and professional integrity. She is a person who takes great pride in her work, and works extra hard to meet the demands of a heavy workload and follows through 100%. Her personal drive for excellence is uplifting to others. My staff also found her very responsive and a pleasure to work with. She also was willing to follow up and be sure the product and equipment was correct and functioning. I would heartily recommend her to anyone."

S.M. - Whittier