THE MX FACTOR CANISTER EXCHANGE PROGRAM IS YOUR RESPONSIBLE ALTERNATIVE TO AEROSOL CANS. This revolutionary approach to chemical supply allows you to combine cost savings and convenience in one incredible package. No more calls to suppliers for restocking. No more aerosol cans cluttering up your shop. We'll be there when you need us and make sure you never run out of product again!

OUR SERVICE, ON YOUR SCHEDULE.  At MX Factor we understand the need for your organization to have the right amount of product whenever you need it. Your MX Factor representative will continually work with you - analyzing your operation and developing a customized program specifically suited for your needs. When your delivery is made, our experienced service drivers will continually test all equipment ensuring everything is always in excellent working condition.



SERVICE EXCHANGE DETAILS: MX FACTOR’S SERVICE EXCHANGE PROCESS FOCUSES ON RELIABILITY AND SERVICE. When your MX Factor representative sets up your account, they will work with you to determine how often a service delivery should take place. Whether it's every 1 week or every 4 weeks, your MX Factor Service driver will be there to ensure you never run out of product. MX Factor will continually monitor your account to ensure your service cycle matches your needs and will make changes, with your input, to make sure we meet your high service standards.