Refer a New Customer to MX Factor and receive 10% off your next Service! 

Current customers must provide full information regarding potential customer they are referring to MX Factor, including:  Company Name, Physical Address, Contact Name, and Phone Number.  Promotional credit will be issued to referring customer’s account after new customer establishes and maintains service and account in good standing for 60 days.  All credits are subject to Terms and Conditions listed below.



Become a Facebook fan and receive 5% off your next Service! 

Log in to Facebook and "Like" MX Factor!  In order to receive promotional credit of 5% off of customers next service, Promo Code must be provided to MX Factor service personnel at time of service or called into corporate office in advance of service completion.  Promotional credit will only be given on the service immediately following or at the time the Promo Code is provided to MX Factor. Promotional Credit subject to Terms and Conditions listed below.



Customers must contact MX Factor and provide the appropriate promotional code during the specified period in order to receive any promotional benefits.  All promotional considerations will be provided solely in credits to active customer accounts.  At no time will any monetary disbursements be made to any person or business.  Promotional credits limited to Canister Exchanges only.  All accounts must be and remain in good standing to receive any promotional credits.  Accounts not within specified account terms will forfeit all promotional credits until account is brought current.  All promotions are valid only for the dates specified and are subject to change/cancellation at any time by MX Factor.